A better shelving system

A better shelving system

We started making our aluminium shelf-bracket system over 30 years  ago - and many people still rate it the best of its kind.

This site shows how clicK shelving works and how it looks and provides a quick, easy method of ordering.

Who are we?

Click Systems are specialists in aluminium systems technology, based in Mickleton, Gloucestershire. Click Shelving was introduced in 1970. Since then we have continued innovating, and have become one of the world's leading manufacturers of exhibition booths, retail displays and museum showcases.

How to use this site

The panel on the left lists the main pages of the site, and you can go to any one of them from anywhere in the site. We hope you find it clear  and easy to use. Do please let us have your comments or suggestions, both on the site and on the products themselves: our policy is one of continuous improvement based on customer feedback!