A better shelving system

A better shelving system

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  SB Shelf Brackets
Three lengths. Folded aluminium with a matt-silver anodised finish. Supplied with plastic nurgles for holding shelves in position
SB200 200mm nominal 5.95
SB300 300mm nominal 7.95
SB380 380mm nominal 9.95

  UAB 300mm adjustable slope
Front fixes to any Click channel. Works horizontally or can be adjusted to 15, 25, 45 or 70° slope.

UAB300 300mm 13.14
  WU Wall Upright
Can be supplied cut to size (max length 5000mm). Pre-drilled to accept no. 8 screws (not supplied) for wall fixing.
WU500 500mm 3.95
WU750 750mm 4.95
WU1000 1000mm 6.95
WU1500 1500mm 9.95
WU2000 2000mm 12.95

  FWU Wall Upright
Lightweight - non structural section for framing or edging, with two systems channels. Can be mitre jointed with thee FUJ joint.

FWU500 500mm 4.95
FWU750 750mm 6.95
FWU1000 1000mm 9.95
FWU1500 1500mm 13.95
FWU2000 2000mm 19.95

  NU Intermediate Wall Upright
Deesigned principally for vertical sub-division of free-staining glazed or panelled structures, but can also be used as a general-purpose 3-way post. Can be fixed at 90 to any clicK channel with the NU joint.
NU500 500mm 6.95
NU750 750mm 10.00
NU1000 1000mm 13.00
NU1500 1500mm 19.00
NU2000 2000mm 24.00

  DU Double Wall Upright
Structural post with two system chanels, and side channels for rails. An econoic general purpose upright, with minimal visible metal on the front face.

DU500 500mm 9.95
DU750 750mm 14.49
DU1000 1000mm 18.00
DU1500 1500mm 26.00
DU2000 2000mm 34.00

  CS Cover Strip
White plastic strip which snaps into front of the wall upright for a neat, flush finish.
CS750 750mm 1.99
CS1000 1000mm 2.99
CS1500 1500mm 4.49
CS2000 2000mm 5.49
  FPB Folded Plate Bookend
- Pair

Folded Aluminium with a matt-silver finish to match brackets and uprights.
FPB 150mm Deep 12.69
FPD 75mm Deep 10.28
  XBL Brackets
Square-ended brackets with expansion joint fixings - hexagon key supplied. Can be made to different lengths if required.
XBL150 150mm 8.00
XBL200 200mm 12.00
XBL300 300mm 15.00
XBL350 350mm 22.50
  XBH Brackets
Square-ended brackets with expansion joint fixings - hexagon key supplied. The sizes in mm correspond with the top length, the bottom length is half the top.
XBH150 150mm 10.00
XBH200 200mm 15.00
XBH300 300mm 19.00
XBH450 450mm 27.00
  NHB Notched Hanging Brackets
Designed to hold clothes hangers.
NHB120 120mm 9.95
NHB240 240mm 12.95
NHB420 420mm 16.95
  HB Bracket for HR Rail
This hanging rail is designed for garments, but can also be used to support glass shelves.
HB 338mm 15.48

  HR Hanging Rail
HRC Plastic Cap for HR
HR <mm> Per meter 19.72
Per meter
HRC   2.32

  GS Glass Shelf Supports -pair
For use with the SB type brackets to provide support for glass shelves. Cannot be used with sloping brackets.
GS N/A 5.40


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